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Most Difficult Vector Drawings to Make

Most Difficult Vector Drawings rhino red prints rhinoredprints.com

By Most Difficult to make, one must understand the different aspects of the drawing process. It might be difficult to recreate an already complete information pack of drawings, but it can be something else. Like for example, to transfer a drawing from a source on paper, which requires gathering additional information not available on the […]

Scales and Dimensions

scales dimensions rhino red prints vector drawings rhinoredprints.com

Scales and dimensions when it comes down to drawings are probably the single most important thing there is to consider. Since we cannot get a full size ship or a skyscraper and draw it 1:1, the scale down method is applied. That simply means that for every meter, there is a corresponding centimeter or millimeter […]

What are Blueprints, Whiteprints & RedPrints

What are Blueprints, Whiteprints & RedPrints rhinoredprints.com vector files drawings

Blueprints are something we are familiar with and associate with a technical drawing represented on paper. But what exactly is it? Why is it Blue or White, or in the case of this website – Red? Well, the original Blueprint was an engineering drawing made using contact print process on a light-sensitive paper. It was […]