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Crypto Payments & Rhino Red Prints

Crypto Payments Rhino Red Prints rrp rhinoredprints.com

Since the very first day Rhino Red Prints website is aimed to be as modern as possible. That means implementing various and interesting innovations constantly. Since RRP products are solely digital, we are working in the most advanced and fast pacing industry of all: computer science. Even though not directly as a producers of hardware […]

The Best Mouse for Graphic Design

The Best Mouse for Graphic Design rhino red prints rrp vector files rhinoredprints.com

So you are interested in drawings. Maybe you wanna make blueprints for your project or you want to alter existing ones. Welcome to the vector files realm. But since you are already here, we can boldly suggest that you got your gear and you are ready to go. You have your overpriced ergonomic super-chair, your […]

Propeller Drawings

propeller drawings rhino red prints rrp rhinoredprints.com

Propeller drawings might seem like any other drawing, but they aren’t. Any propeller, being a boat, helicopter or airplane is featuring complexity far more challenging than the regular profile of the vehicle itself. We’re going to talk about airplane and drone propellers in this article, but there are few differences in theory with the rest. […]

Drawings and Blueprints on Apparel

drawings and blueprints on apparel rhino red prints rhinoredprints.com rrp

Various Drawings and Blueprints can appear on apparel. You have probably seen that almost every major YouTube or Twitch channel offers tees created by the owners. It can go beyond the casual T-shirts too. It can be bags, towels, socks, keychains, hats and mugs. All comes down to the good ol’ vector files we constantly […]

What is a vector file

what is a vector file rhino red prints vector drawings rhinoredprints.com

What is a vector file is a question that people usually ask. Since Rhino Red Prints are dealing with vector files, an explanation of the theory is in order. It is nothing complicated, although sounds as such. Generally, in the digital world there are two types of image files: Raster and Vector. They can both […]

Drawings for Scale Models

drawings for scale models rhinoredprints.com rhino red prints vector file drawings

If you ever wondered is there anything in common with the drawings that Rhino Red Prints offer and drawings that they use to make scale models, we will try to answer that in the following article. Blueprints and various drawings are our passion and we are deep into that, constantly exploring and discovering more and […]

Most Difficult Vector Drawings to Make

Most Difficult Vector Drawings rhino red prints rhinoredprints.com

By Most Difficult to make, one must understand the different aspects of the drawing process. It might be difficult to recreate an already complete information pack of drawings, but it can be something else. Like for example, to transfer a drawing from a source on paper, which requires gathering additional information not available on the […]

Vector Drawings of Cars, Bikes and Boats

vector drawings cars bikes boats rhino red prints vector file drawings rhinoredprints.com

Vector Drawings that can be currently found on Rhino Red Prints website are predominantly airplanes and just a few helicopters. The blueprints line will expand in time, since there are collections with more helicopters and tanks ready to be released. Even more planes too. The products currently online were selected from our already prepped portfolios […]