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Missile & Rockets Drawings

missile rocket drawings vector file blueprints rhinoredprints.com rhino red prints rrp

We have received plenty of requests and questions about various Missiles & Rockets Drawings. The requests are usually refused, but then the argument follows – why? Missiles seems like an easy blueprint. But they are not. Actually it is just the contrary. Any basic and simplified sketch of a missile or a space rocket is […]

Interesting Drawings – Dassault Balzac V – French VTOL

interesting drawings dassault balzac v rhino red prints rrp vector files rhinoredprints.com

Dassault Balzac V was a delta-wing vertical take off and landing jet project with potential supersonic capabilities. In that sentence alone there is so much information that it takes few moments for one to get his head around it. But it is no surprise, considering that the 1960s were years during which aviation Worldwide was […]

Ergonomic Chairs for Graphic Designers

Best Ergonomic Charis rhino red prints rrp vector files drawings rhinoredprints.com

Having an Ergonomic Chair is vital not only for Graphic Designers, but for everybody who spends most of their time in front of the computer. That goes for games especially. Sometimes, gamers are glued to their chair for hours and hours and if you are not properly equipped, your health will be in trouble sooner […]

Interesting Drawings – Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne

Interesting Drawings Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne rhino red prints rrp vector file blueprints rhinoredprints.com

Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne was a high-speed attack helicopter developed by Lockheed Corporation for the United States Army. Only 10 were ever made. That happened in the 1960s. Project ended with no serial production, despite Cheyenne’s undisputable qualities. Being very beautiful and ahead of its time by decades, this potential vector file made it in our […]

Best Monitors for Graphic Design

Best monitors graphic design rhino red prints rrp vector files rhinoredprints.com

As with our mice selection, Best Monitors that we think suit graphic designers will be limited to what we have used and/or tested. Here you will be able to find the selection. It is not the Top 10 or Top 12 like others like to present them. We would like to share only what have […]

Interesting Drawings – McDonnell Douglas MD-12 Super Jumbo

interesting drawings mcdonnell douglas md12 super jumbo rhinoredprints.com rrp rhino red prints vector file

In our series “Interesting Drawings” we plan to feature more than just military vehicles. One example of a vector file that we want to create with decent amount of accuracy is the McDonnell Douglas MD-12 Super Jumbo. Although our Rhino Red Prints portfolio features only limited number of civilian jets, we are very interested in […]

The Best Mouse for Graphic Design

The Best Mouse for Graphic Design rhino red prints rrp vector files rhinoredprints.com

So you are interested in drawings. Maybe you wanna make blueprints for your project or you want to alter existing ones. Welcome to the vector files realm. But since you are already here, we can boldly suggest that you got your gear and you are ready to go. You have your overpriced ergonomic super-chair, your […]

Interesting Drawings – MiG-21I Analog – Russian Delta

Interesting Drawings MiG-21I Analog Rhino Red Prints vector files RRP rhinoredprints.com

Rhino Red Prints have some MiG-21 drawings in the RRP portfolio. Some are available, others – yet to be released. However, the subject family is enormously big. There are many modifications and variations among them. Nevertheless, basics of the famous “balalaika” we have already covered. Among MiG-21 line there is an experimental aircraft that we […]

Recommended Books for Drawing Design

Recommended Books for Drawing Design rrp rhino red prints vector file drawings rhinoredprints.com

If you are already here, you are most likely interested if not fascinated by drawings and blueprints. They might be your job, hobby or future career. For us, they are a part of a portfolio that we, at Rhino Red Prints created based on our love for such depictions of various vehicles. We enjoy working […]

Interesting Drawings – F-4J (FV)S – Swing Wing Phantom

Interesting Drawings - F-4J (FV)S - Swing Wing Phantom rhino red prints rrp vector file drawings rhinoredprints.com

This will be our first article from our “Interesting Drawings” Series. In the series, we will feature airplanes /mostly but not only/ who either flew as prototypes or never never left the drawing board. Blueprints of such vehicles are very hard to find and simplified drawings usually are in high demand. Some of the information […]