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RC Blueprints and Drawings

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RC Blueprints are in high demand. They always were. No matter what exactly, if it is radio-controlled /RC/ – it is wanted. Gliders, Drones, Cars, Boats and even Blimps can be recreated in a downscaled RC version. Lately, helicopters are very popular, especially military ones. That is based on the fact, that toy-like looking helicopters […]

Blueprints NFTs

blueprints nfts rhino red prints vector drawings files rhinoredprints.com

Blueprints NFTs were an expected certainty once the NFT Universe exploded in late 2020. Videos, memes, pictures, sketches and what not appeared as NFTs. Some making their creators or new owners millionaires overnight. It was logical that blueprints will follow. It is now a Global phenomenon. Everybody from painters, through investors to musicians are getting […]