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Crypto Payments & Rhino Red Prints

Crypto Payments Rhino Red Prints rrp rhinoredprints.com

Since the very first day Rhino Red Prints website is aimed to be as modern as possible. That means implementing various and interesting innovations constantly. Since RRP products are solely digital, we are working in the most advanced and fast pacing industry of all: computer science. Even though not directly as a producers of hardware […]

Ergonomic Chairs for Graphic Designers

Best Ergonomic Charis rhino red prints rrp vector files drawings rhinoredprints.com

Having an Ergonomic Chair is vital not only for Graphic Designers, but for everybody who spends most of their time in front of the computer. That goes for games especially. Sometimes, gamers are glued to their chair for hours and hours and if you are not properly equipped, your health will be in trouble sooner […]

Rivets in Aircraft Drawings

Rivets in Aircraft Drawings rhino red prints rrp rhinoredprints.com vector drawings

Rivets in Aircraft Drawings nowadays are sometimes considered irrelevant. To some that might be the norm, but in any good blueprint or drawing rivets are present. At least to some extent. They – especially when drawings are hand made – add additional burden to the creator. However, with time, they appear to be more and […]

Line Thickness in Various Drawings

Line Thickness in Various Drawings rhino red prints rhinoredprints.com rrp

Line thickness in any vector file can be pre-determined. Before the work starts, one can pick colors, thickness, basic tools of drawing, etc. That is only a small fraction of the flexible solutions offered by any modern software related to drawing vector files. It is not a miracle, it is computer science and software implementation. […]

Rhino Red File Formats

Rhino Red File Formats vector files drawings blueprints rhinoredprints.com

Rhino Red Prints started with the idea to be a paperless option for various drawings. Even though some of Rhino Red vector files have been used to represent the schematics on paper, this was done by the end user, not by RRP. We don’t have anything printed. In the latter example, a decal producing company […]

Why Rhino Red Prints drawings are…

drawings rhino red prints vector files rhinoredprints.com

Each Rhino Red Prints drawing is different. Why is that you might ask? Well, depending on what is the object, the information available might be different. Let’s take for example Messerschmitt Bf-109. This is arguably one of the most popular drawings of a WWII fighter aircraft ever. Many have produced plans or blueprints of it, […]

What are Blueprints, Whiteprints & RedPrints

What are Blueprints, Whiteprints & RedPrints rhinoredprints.com vector files drawings

Blueprints are something we are familiar with and associate with a technical drawing represented on paper. But what exactly is it? Why is it Blue or White, or in the case of this website – Red? Well, the original Blueprint was an engineering drawing made using contact print process on a light-sensitive paper. It was […]

Rhino Red Prints – Vector Drawings

rhino red prints rhinoredprints.com vector drawings

Rhino Red Prints was created from scratch with the idea to deliver various drawings in several formats. Thanx to the power of internet, nowadays is easy to get ahold of different information in various ways. Many ventures require drawings in the form of blueprints or similar options, that gives the basis for further development. For […]