rhino red prints design studio


Rhino Red Prints Design Studio was formed in 2019. Being part of a designer’s team making 3, 4 & 5-view aircraft and tank drawings, Rhino Red Prints is creating a downloadable content for historians, publishers and artists Worldwide.

We are a digital boutique, featuring various so-called blue-prints, but in an unique and different fashion. Rhino Red Prints products are not designed to represent 100% accuracy, since any real blue-print features myriad of information, important only to a narrow field of professionals. Instead, we are making basic and mostly 3-view designs, that can serve various tasks of representing important and mostly military historical vehicles.

We do not claim absolute precision or accuracy. We are here to save you some time.

Making aircraft or tank drawings is often tedious and boring work, often being a distraction from the main project, being a book, video, decal or maybe an instruction sheet. Here we share some part of our portfolio, constantly expanding and hopefully gradually improving.