Missile & Rockets Drawings

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We have received plenty of requests and questions about various Missiles & Rockets Drawings. The requests are usually refused, but then the argument follows – why? Missiles seems like an easy blueprint. But they are not. Actually it is just the contrary. Any basic and simplified sketch of a missile or a space rocket is relatively easy to be recreated, but serious drawing requires a lot of technical information beforehand.

Missiles and rockets are usually requested by two different groups of people. Missiles in their pure military aspect are popular and are used often to recreate a drawing, or to put the information in a book or a magazine. Rockets on the other hand serve to add to information regarding a replica or a real flying vehicle, which is a whole different universe. In both cases, it is a complex solution.

Military missiles have many features that need to be addressed in a drawing. They are demanding, even though they don’t look like such. A drawing of a missile may feature many additional drawings, for example the front and back stabilizers, the engine section, the warhead. This goes far beyond what we at Rhino Red Prints aim to deliver.

Rockets and space vehicles are somewhat different, but come with the same amount of complexity. Lately, with the re-started Space Race and especially with Space X success and popularity, many people want to build replicas. They want to use the drawings for descriptions in their own technical manuals or at least that is what they come to us for. Here, we also decline the opportunity. The reason is pretty much the same. Rhino Red Prints does drawings made for publications, modeling and historical magazines, decal and scale model makers. But we don’t do blueprints for real rockets nor their replicas.

The main reason for this is that information is scarce and the precision needed is beyond what this site aims to deliver to the public. Our red prints are at the same price no matter the subject, while a drawing of a rocket demanded by the replica builders would be several times /sometimes even 10 or more/ the price of the standard red print that we offer. In other words, we can do it, but it will cost a lot. And since we draw blueprints for other stuff as well, we try to stay aside at this point.

Missiles are more of a possibility than rockets in terms of RRP portfolio. Even rocket engine basic drawings can be considered. But for replica and serious blueprint work, we work only in the background and with limited requests.