Crypto Payments & Rhino Red Prints

Crypto Payments Rhino Red Prints rrp

Since the very first day Rhino Red Prints website is aimed to be as modern as possible. That means implementing various and interesting innovations constantly. Since RRP products are solely digital, we are working in the most advanced and fast pacing industry of all: computer science. Even though not directly as a producers of hardware and software, we are closely connected with those on every step of our way.

Featuring Crypto Payments in RRP checkout procedure was our plan from the very beginning. We wanted to make it possible for everybody from everywhere to buy the prints that we offer. Reasons for that are many, but we tried to imagine that there are authors of books and magazines as well as model and decal makers that are emerging from countries with limited availability of the usual payment methods.

Since many have offered Crypto Payments already, nowadays this is nothing modern. It is rather the norm. There are tons of Crypto Currencies however, so to not over-complicate things, we decided to choose in between two options: To feature our own currency or to allow for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin /which are the top three in the industry/ to be among our payment options.

The first option would’ve been costly and rather annoying, considering how many new currencies are popping up every week. The second one though is something that is coming everywhere and it is inevitable. The rumor has it that Twitter is about to embed Dogecoin payments after the famous acquisition is finalized, making it the largest market for services that is backed by the new method of payment.

So, in the end, we at Rhino Red Prints decided to offer our clientele the option to pay through Crypto, more specifically Dogecoin and Bitcoin, putting Ethereum aside for the time being. The reason for the latter is the NFT mania which sucked a lot of the power and made gas fees extremely high with the ETH, so we though that two is more than enough for the moment.

Our standard PayPal payment is available and probably will always will be, since PayPal is trusted and known around the World. However, they too added Crypto in their portfolio of options, so missing the opportunity to give more flexibility on our end would’ve been a bad decision. So next time when you buy, you will have the option to pay with Crypto. Like it or not, crypto is here to stay. We are actually fans and we think it is part of our digital future.