Ergonomic Chairs for Graphic Designers

Best Ergonomic Charis rhino red prints rrp vector files drawings

Having an Ergonomic Chair is vital not only for Graphic Designers, but for everybody who spends most of their time in front of the computer. That goes for games especially. Sometimes, gamers are glued to their chair for hours and hours and if you are not properly equipped, your health will be in trouble sooner or later. Drawing a blueprint on a computer is somewhat similar. It requires hours of work and even though it is not like gaming and intermissions are welcomed, still it takes a toll on your back.

The chairs we would like to show here are among the most loved on the market. We use one of those three, but friends and colleagues are happy with the other two as well. As with our mice suggestion, we will focus only on a limited amount of options. That’s the best way to avoid confusion and much hesitation. The options we present are pricy, so if you want something cheaper you should look at a best budget articles or at least compare the ones we present here.

Humanscale Freedom Office Desk Chair – this one is very easy on the back and neck. It is truly highly ergonomic and the brand is well respected. The backrest automatically adapts and even though the price is steep, this chair is actually worth every penny.

ergonomic chairs rhino red prints rrp vector files

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair – despite being the most expensive of the ones we suggest here, Herman Miller seems to be the most popular brand out there /from our selection/. There are many variations with this chair, so be careful when you pick your own. With that said, most of the colleagues that we have use this beast. They love it and they swear by it. The reasons are many, but it just does the job. It is comfortable, ergonomic and even after a long day of work at the office, this still keeps your posture in good shape.

ergonomic chairs rhino red prints rrp vector files

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair – Sihoo is not the most widespread brand out there. However, this chair is fantastic and comes at a very affordable price. But that is not all. Its adjustability is superb, but the highest point that it gets from our end is its design. It looks very posh, without too much shine, but in the same time with appearance that will fit every office. That, combined with its affordability makes it among the top picks for many.

sihoo ergonomic chair rhino red prints rrp vector files drawings blueprints

Among the three mentioned above, there are no wrong choice. With that said, we have to add that the market is flooded with ergonomic chairs and often gaming chairs offer stunning features typical only for that sector. If you’d prefer to look there, we would advise to look carefully though, since there are many new brands that at first sight present you with a super-chair, but in reality the ergonomics are not that good. If you lean towards gaming chairs – look and read carefully the reviews. That is essential.

But if you like what we suggested, well, you can go with any of the three. Or, you can do your own research and find something that might suit you well. Our drawings take days of dedicated work. It is like that with every blueprint, no matter how difficult it is. Besides, working with vector files sometimes grabs your attention and your body experience elevated tension. That, without a decent chair is a very very bad idea.