The Best Mouse for Graphic Design

The Best Mouse for Graphic Design rhino red prints rrp vector files

So you are interested in drawings. Maybe you wanna make blueprints for your project or you want to alter existing ones. Welcome to the vector files realm. But since you are already here, we can boldly suggest that you got your gear and you are ready to go. You have your overpriced ergonomic super-chair, your fantastic monitor and powerful computer, already supporting your wild dreams of being Adobe’s master designer. The hottest cat on the block. But you still need a mouse.

There are many comparisons featuring 7, 10 or even 12 mice on the market. We will scratch that. We will introduce only three. Why? Well, we’ve worked with them and actually, our whole concept was created using exactly those three. They happen to be the best mice out there if you are into vector files, raster files or any graphic design work. We used them for our blueprints /red prints in RRP’s case/, but they are practically good for anything.

At first place we will put the most versatile and comfortable mouse on the market today. If you guessed MX Master, you are perfectly right! We love it. We love it so much, that we use both Master 2 and Master 3. Logitech are most definitely – the leader in such accessories in the last decade. So even if there is no surprise here, we need to add few words.

best mouse graphic design logitech mx master 3 rhino red prints rrp vector files

The battery life which is the least important thing on a designer’s mouse is brilliant. We got up to 65 hours, which for so many clicks and movements is fantastic. But there are better things about that mouse. It has customizable buttons, thumbwheel and brilliant form in terms of ergonomics. It has ultra-fast scrolling which helps a lot and it is a bit on the pricy end, but still it is the number 1 in our list. With 4000DPI sensor there is not much more to ask out there.

Next one is for the Mac users. We use Mac for some of our projects and more specifically for some details only, but we still love and support the mighty Apple. Their products are overall awesome, so there is no surprise that this comes at number 2. And it is at number two because there are less Mac users Worldwide compared to PC users. However, Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 is superb.

best mouse graphic design apple magic mouse 2 red prints rrp vector files

It features only 1300DPI and it is a bit small, but it does everything as every other Apple product does it – without hickups. Ever. It has multitouch surface, Bluetooth and lightning port and it connects to your Apple automatically. Easy. Again – like everything else Apple does.

Last but not least, we have Logitech MX Vertical Wireless mouse. Again, the same company delivers a product that reaches wide audience and exceeds expectations on many levels. This mouse is designed for those who prefer the ergonomics of the vertical mice, while keeping everything good that you get with MX Master series. Six buttons, 4000DPI, Bluetooth and allegedly – better battery life compared to the Master.

best mouse graphic design logitech mx vertical rhino red prints rrp vector files

MX Vertical was the latest addition to our line of work tools. However as mentioned above it might be last but it is definitely as good as the other two in any way imaginable. As a matter of fact any of those three will work perfectly for you in most of the cases. Of course, there will always be preferences and sometimes even disappointed users, but the number of those is decreased to a minimum with the products mentioned above.

If you are into any form of design and especially if you want to make what Rhino Red Print does, which is draw a vector blueprints – those three will suit you perfectly. And if you don’t want spend your time learning the software, buy an expensive monitor, mouse and computer or even a more expensive super-ergonomic-chair, well, you can always check our line of already made drawings that might do the job with few clicks.