Recommended Books for Drawing Design

Recommended Books for Drawing Design rrp rhino red prints vector file drawings

If you are already here, you are most likely interested if not fascinated by drawings and blueprints. They might be your job, hobby or future career. For us, they are a part of a portfolio that we, at Rhino Red Prints created based on our love for such depictions of various vehicles. We enjoy working on them, because the way they represent the object is objective and self-explanatory.

With that said, what we’ve learned throughout the years cannot be squeezed into an article. For that, many books have been written. We have read some of them, seen others, but we would like to share our preferred collection of writings, that you might find useful. No matter if you are just beginning or you are intermediate or a pro, those books will eventually contain information that will help you improve your knowledge. Each and any of those mentioned below are valuable readings, especially if you are serious about drawings.

The order we are presenting those is not necessarily made in terms of value. But rather in terms of how we approached the subject back in a day. There are not the same books, but are either upgraded or revised versions of the same literature. Some of them are best sellers, other not so popular. But they are all extremely valuable.

  1.  Adobe Illustrator Classroom in a Book – If you want to learn Adobe Illustrator quickly, this is the book for you. There are a lot more to it than just any other book. This is a tool combining the old style teachings with the new age technology.
  2. CorelDRAW X8: The Official Guide – name says it all. The author of the book is experienced individual, with more than quarter of a century working with Corel Draw. Even though this might relate to a version different than yours, it still holds enormous value.
  3. Interpreting Engineering Drawings – so far this book is in its 8th edition. That speaks a lot by itself. It is very user friendly and if you are interested in drawings the way we are at RRP, this is a must for your library.
  4. Corel Draw Training Guide – is another multi layered tool for those who wish to train themselves in CorelDraw universe. It is about the software in general, but there is plenty to learn specifically for drawings if you apply yourself into this.
  5. Blueprint Reading for Welders – this books is very specific and doesn’t have direct relation to the work of Rhino Red Prints. However it helped us create a perspective and we like it a lot. As with Interpreting Engineering Drawings, this book is in its 9th edition. This didn’t happened by accident.
  6. 507 Mechanical Movements – this is an old book. It contains a knowledge that we might soon loose. Again, not directly related to using vector files, it creates a whole new vision about the art itself.
  7. Simplified Aircraft Design for Homebuilders – many of our clients are into RC designs or even more. That is why this book made it to the list. It serves interests close to what we do here. If you get through this book, you will most likely know how to do much more than the word “simplified” in its article.
  8. Design for 3D Printing: Scanning, Creating, Editing, Remixing, and Making in Three Dimensions – this book has a size that hardly corresponds to its name length. However, you should never judge a book according to its thickness. Since 3D printing is part of the imminent future, we found that to be very valuable add-on to any library.

Those are the books that we like and recommend. You will probably find a lot more and eventually more specific and tailored-to-your needs works. However, as we all know, one is usually not enough. Knowledge is power. With that said, we are leaving up to you to choose – which one to get and read. But if you want a piece of advice – they all worth a lot more than the paper they are written on.