Drawings and Blueprints on Apparel

drawings and blueprints on apparel rhino red prints rhinoredprints.com rrp

Various Drawings and Blueprints can appear on apparel. You have probably seen that almost every major YouTube or Twitch channel offers tees created by the owners. It can go beyond the casual T-shirts too. It can be bags, towels, socks, keychains, hats and mugs. All comes down to the good ol’ vector files we constantly write about. They hold the very same info that you get in a drawing. Or a blueprint.

The apparel idea became hit long ago, when someone made a T-shirt about a major news event in the US and became a millionaire overnight selling t-shirts across the country. Quickly on-demand companies appeared, offering every enthusiast the chance to make some money, creating specific theme oriented products, without even bother to produce them actually. Even quicker than that, brilliant ideas came to life, spreading all over, taking over the major clothing producers and leaving them in the dust. All it was needed was a good idea and the art-work. Or a vector file. Now, it is a World Wide Business.

The art work in the case of Rhino Red Prints are our line of various blueprints. Since we work with several regular users, it is not surprising that we have our drawings on some apparel. They are not branded RRP, however they are based on what we have made and actually similar files were used for the creation. That was made possible thanx to the capabilities and freedom that a vector file can give you. There is a lot more to that too. But that is another story.

Of course, our drawings are narrowly oriented and feature mostly aircraft. Sometimes, combined with a specific theme, they can make a great final product. Sometimes, it can be two in one solution. Or, like mentioned above a slight deviation from the apparel line in its general description. For example, one of the most liked drawings that we have can be seen on white mugs as a whiteprint /not real but look-alike/ or like a simplified blueprint replica covering that same mug for more vivid looks.

The ones we like most are again Rhino Red Prints drawings, applied on a steel tumbler. They look more solid and somewhat stylish, which we prefer to everything else. However, the T-shirts and the hats are usually what people like most. Second to that there are stickers and then the tumblers /that we personally prefer/ which come at a third place. There is no bad product, if there is a demand for it. Simple as that.

With that said, have in mind that the single most important thing is to have a great idea. If you are in possession of such, you are doomed for success. Rhino Red Prints are not something genius in its roots. We are making blueprints /redprints in our case/ that have been around long before any of our team members was even born. But if you have something truly unique in mind, only sky will be your limit. Just know this – everything starts in your mind, but before ending up as a finished product, you will probably have to deal with some vector file drawings and there is no way around that!