What is a vector file

what is a vector file rhino red prints vector drawings rhinoredprints.com

What is a vector file is a question that people usually ask. Since Rhino Red Prints are dealing with vector files, an explanation of the theory is in order. It is nothing complicated, although sounds as such. Generally, in the digital world there are two types of image files: Raster and Vector. They can both be saved in various extensions. We’re gonna focus on the latter leaving the raster files for another time.

Vector files that Rhino Red Prints uses have one indispensable feature: they can be adjusted infinitely in size. The resolution and quality remain the same. That is their main advantage compared to the raster files. That is why, Rhino Red Prints vector files are made in one scale only: 1/48. That is enough for most of our clients, but it also provides a perfect starting point for various /infinite/ adjustments. All this of course, goes beyond RRP. It is a feature that all vector files are designed to have. And that is why they are so popular worldwide.

Software used to edit vector files is important. Adobe Illustrator is the most used product out there when it comes down to vectors. There are others too. For example: Inkscape, CorelDraw, Gravit Designer. PhotoShop can open vector files, but cannot edit them. Using any of the above mentioned, one can work and create various vector files, allowing for example – to create a logo an inch in size on the computer screen, but blown out to be tens of feet large on a billboard. No quality lost in the process.

That creates an enormous flexibility and freedom for the designers nowadays. It save time and allows for a single product to be cloned into numerous variations, giving a freedom that only a digital product can posses. Of course, extensions can vary. For example, Rhino Red files are a bundle. They feature .ai, .cdr, .dwg, dxf, .eps, .pdf and .svg. Although they are similar in general, they serve differently the different users. Hence so many choices. Nevertheless, the idea behind the vectors is the same – getting a lot of options with a file with an acceptable size and unbounded flexibility.

And that’s it! Easy and modern way to store and work with information based on mathematical principles. Vector files are nothing complicated anymore. It is that simple.