Drawings for Scale Models

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If you ever wondered is there anything in common with the drawings that Rhino Red Prints offer and drawings that they use to make scale models, we will try to answer that in the following article. Blueprints and various drawings are our passion and we are deep into that, constantly exploring and discovering more and more. This is a science of its own. So how do they do scale models?

Well, drawings for scale models are a lot different than what we do. Those drawings are made in 3D for a start. That is too, the biggest difference, but not the sole one. They are made in a similar fashion to the blueprints for real aircraft. Suffice to say here that decent amount of engineering skills are required to do such a complicated job. If you dig deeper, you will see that even the software of creating the real airplane parts is sometimes similar. It is that complex!

Scale models might seem like toys for many, but they are far from it. Both for designers that work on them, as well as for the scale modelers that build them. 3D designing is a process that requires not only skills, but computational power as well. Also, there is additional knowledge required. For example, it is not enough to draw it in 3D. You have to know what will happen when you transfer your 3D blueprints into plastic or resin. Such materials suffer from deformations, shrinking and all kinds of problems. Not surprisingly, one must factor that when 3D drawings are made. So you not only have to know how to design, but know materials inside and out.

As you can see, this is not only a blueprint transferred to a file. It is far more complicated. We, at Rhino Red Prints are doing drawings that are plan views in 2-, 3- or 4-sides of the object. They are lot simpler. However, those too are used in scale modeling. Once the building is complete, one must know how to paint the aircraft and where to position the decals. Sometimes such drawings are used for the armament of the planes and helicopters. Where and what to hang. Without drawings like the ones RRP makes, the scale model instructions won’t be complete. Because the 3D drawings needed to create a scale model and describe the building process are not enough. We complete each other in a way. But altogether, we are working on the similar and sometimes equal – final products.