RC Blueprints and Drawings

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RC Blueprints are in high demand. They always were. No matter what exactly, if it is radio-controlled /RC/ – it is wanted. Gliders, Drones, Cars, Boats and even Blimps can be recreated in a downscaled RC version. Lately, helicopters are very popular, especially military ones. That is based on the fact, that toy-like looking helicopters in general were always popular among RC enthusiasts, but nowadays, replicas of the real objects are The Most Wanted.

Rhino Red Prints drawings does not include RC line of products. We were asked repetitively about those, but we always said No. The RC Blueprints and drawings are different from what we offer. They are made to reproduce a subject, rather than to use the drawing for a publication or a guide. Latter one is what RRP deals with. The RC drawings demand different approach. They are also satisfying different realm of customers. The whole idea is a separate theme under the same common word – blueprints.

For example, there are Drone Blueprints, which in general deserve a different, stand-alone article. But we will mention those nonetheless. Those blueprints show only partial elements of the drone, where different work processes are to be done. For example, mount the already assembled engines, or how to embed the receiver in the body. Those blueprints are more like a guideline. They are focused on a specific spot and sometimes the whole outline of the drone is missing completely. Just an arm or a body is drawn. But there are also big ship /10 or more feet/ long RCs and those drawings are much more complex. They are being made /and sometimes re-worked with time/ by professionals, that deal solely with those specific subjects. They can potentially include pages of schematics.

Since Rhino Red Prints drawings are made in vector files and satisfy very different needs, you will not be able to find RC drawings on our website. Maybe in the future we will add a section, but for the moment we have no offers of that kind. With that said, we need to add, that RC blueprints are just a step away from real manned aircraft or sailboat drawings, of which there are abundant availability in different sources too. You can even find glider blueprints on eBay if you do a thorough search. And this is the next eventual and logical step after RC blueprints. If you can make it in a scale 1/4 or 1/2, why not build a real thing and fly or sail it?