Most Difficult Vector Drawings to Make

Most Difficult Vector Drawings rhino red prints

By Most Difficult to make, one must understand the different aspects of the drawing process. It might be difficult to recreate an already complete information pack of drawings, but it can be something else. Like for example, to transfer a drawing from a source on paper, which requires gathering additional information not available on the blueprints or in the abovementioned source. Or, to transfer a drawing from paper to a file, which also might present an unexpected challenge.  All of those, issues that we encounter every once in a while.

To not get deeper into the different aspects of the problems while in a process, here we will focus on the difficult vector drawings that presented us with any of the abovementioned issues, or even more than those. The drawing might seem easy to many who understand vector software, but to represent something specific as an airplane or a helicopter has its tricks. Not everyone who can use the software can be successful. First, you must have the knowledge of the object that you are working on. That is why we steer away from some requested projects. For the same reason we are focused on others of course.

Usually, a vector drawing that features many slight variations in its design is the most challenging. Like for example, MiG-21 blueprints. Even though there are more than enough sources available, including original factory information, this can still be a nightmare. MiG-21 Fishbed is one of the most produced jets ever. It was made from 1959 till 1983. That meant many variations, including for the trainer versions. Here comes the trouble – many tiny elements are missing here and there, or are exchanged for something else. Often – hardly noticeable. There you go – a problematic drawing. There is two ways one can achieve this – through a lot of work and research, or by presenting a not-so-accurate blueprint.

Blueprints in vector format that Rhino Red Prints offer are not meant to be professionally used. By that one must understand – not used to build a real aircraft. Even with that, we try to be as close to the original as possible. That means that those slight variations in design must be in the vector file. Despite the fact that one can alter it once get the file bundle, we strive to give as much as we can from the start. With that said, MiG-21 is not the sole problematic object nor the most difficult drawing. Stealth jets are such as well. Especially B-2 and F-117. If you wonder why, well, with those shapes they might seem easy on the eye, but are very tough on the drawing board.

The rule in vector file drawings is this: the more information there is available, the better the vector drawing is. But as we just saw, even polarities present us with the same problem. For Stealth jets there is no actual info out there, while for the Fishbed there is plenty. However, once you get into this business /and in any other business for that matter/, unexpected surprises starts to appear. And we are doing are best to overcome these and present the best possible vector drawing files that we can make within our means. No matter how difficult they might be.