Vector Drawings of Cars, Bikes and Boats

vector drawings cars bikes boats rhino red prints vector file drawings

Vector Drawings that can be currently found on Rhino Red Prints website are predominantly airplanes and just a few helicopters. The blueprints line will expand in time, since there are collections with more helicopters and tanks ready to be released. Even more planes too. The products currently online were selected from our already prepped portfolios and are updated based on the demand and the release schedule we made when contemplating the website. In other words, this was all premeditated. And so far, it goes exactly as planned.

However, there are websites that offer different vector drawings or blueprints and we have been asked about releasing some of those in our line. They include cars, motorcycles, trucks and even boats. By boats, we mean large ships, cruisers, aircraft carriers and surprisingly – submarines. Nevertheless, those are currently without a scheduled release date on Rhino Red Prints website. The reasons for that are many. And we will gladly share few of them here.

Cars are popular and information about them can be easily found. That is not our game though. They are nice, but there are plenty of options out there on the web. Unlike cars, some old ships and submarines are very complicated products that require knowledge that we currently don’t have. Because having the blueprint itself is not enough for recreating a vector drawing file and offer it to the public. There is a need of a deeper understanding there. Some submarines have features that we have no actual idea about. That is why we currently stay aside from those. In time, maybe we will approach the subjects, but not before we get some knowledgeable help.

Same goes for motorcycles, but with slightly different reasons. We have plenty of information about choppers, race bikes and even drag motorcycles. But that is an area that we have very few actual requests. Bikes are accessible, more than boats and even cars. That is why people are not that interested in getting a precise vector file about a bike. Besides, things that regular folk can easily own, are not that interesting on files. At least not to the majority.

There comes the demand for larger vehicles. It is logical of course. But as mentioned, currently we are focused on an area that we’ve worked before and are familiar with. Aircraft. Hence, our collection of available vector drawings features mostly planes. However, this is for the moment. In the future, we will definitely add more and various options. We considered many options. One friend of ours draws real super yachts for a living. Who knows, maybe we’ll add that as well. Stay tuned!