Blueprints NFTs

blueprints nfts rhino red prints vector drawings files

Blueprints NFTs were an expected certainty once the NFT Universe exploded in late 2020. Videos, memes, pictures, sketches and what not appeared as NFTs. Some making their creators or new owners millionaires overnight. It was logical that blueprints will follow. It is now a Global phenomenon. Everybody from painters, through investors to musicians are getting in. NFTs seems to be everywhere.

NFT technology is complicated. It is nearly impossible for a person without digital background to grasp it easily. But it is not an impossible task. NFTs are non-fungible tokens. Those are digital assets. And as mentioned above they can be anything represented in digital format. That means being traded as well – again as a digital asset. Speaking of trading, you must have in mind that NFTs are traded mostly using cryptocurrency, so if you are not into that, probably you won’t be much interested in NFTs either. This whole thing is a realm of its own.

Rhino Red Prints are digital vector files representing 2-, 3- or 4D drawings as a file bundle. Among those, we have interesting and popular releases, that usually stand against time. From the very beginning, we considered offering NFTs on the market, featuring variations of our products. With that said, clarification is needed. Our products when in the form of a vector files – can be altered by the end user. The NFT line that we came up with was different. It wasn’t supposed to be altered, but accepted as we presented it.

Of course, digital format can be used in the Digital Universe. Maybe the Meta-verse or whatever will come after that. RRP idea was to offer NFTs that can be accepted and used the same way as a poster on the wall would have been used back in a day. But since most NFTs are rather expensive, we decided to mint our line in the cheapest possible way. Again, clarification is needed here:

Rhino Red Prints Blueprints NFTs collection goal was not to create millions in value overnight. We wanted to join the NFT World with something accessible, yet nice and attractive. Money making was far from our goal. We just wanted to be in the game. Being too late at the party usually beats the purpose. That is why our line of NFT was simple and rather cheap. And even though someone can copy the idea or reproduce different form of NFTs similar to Rhino Red Prints’, well, we are glad to be among to first ones to offer the idea. Blueprints are cool. Always were and with the NFTs, it seems that they always will be. No matter in which-verse.