Rhino Red File Formats

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Rhino Red Prints started with the idea to be a paperless option for various drawings. Even though some of Rhino Red vector files have been used to represent the schematics on paper, this was done by the end user, not by RRP. We don’t have anything printed. In the latter example, a decal producing company used the drawings to put them on paper in order to get that to their clients as a final product. We have cases where publications used the vector files to put in a book. On our end though – everything is solely digital.

The reasons for being completely digital are many. The single most important one that we based the idea upon is to be flexible. Flexibility allowed by the current computer technologies is unmatched. We are living in a digital era, that offers opportunities never seen before. Blueprints or drawings are especially related to that statement. That is because, the amount of data that a simple flash drive can hold is equal to a library of the not-so-distant past. Hence, we wanted to use that as our leverage.

Flexibility in terms of drawings is important for Rhino Red, because we offer our products in 48th scale. However, many seek another scales, that if we were to be on paper, would not have given the option. Being digital in the form of a vector file changes everything. Our files are offered in several variations and once you get them, you can work and adjust them. Every product comes with a specific bundle, that eventually will meet most of the needs. That gives plenty of options. Among them, rescaling is one of the rather important ones.

Of course, the being digital format was not an easy decision. We picked that because we wanted something new. If you have good library it is pretty certain that you will be able to find whatever you might need there. Books can still hold valuable information. With Rhino Red Prints, we wanted to offer something new. An innovation that will help widen the perspective of the user. Being able to work on the drawings once you get them is exactly that. Only the digital format allows that without creating a mess in the wake of the working process. And Rhino Red Prints aimed specifically at that – clean, environmental friendly option, that will allow the final user to put in his/hers own creativity. A digital future.