Most Popular Rhino Red Drawings

most popular rhino red prints vector drawings

Rhino Red Prints is relatively fresh on the scene, but we already have best selling vector drawings emerging. It is not surprising, considering the current climate in Europe. Adding to that is the fact that fresh projects sometimes are the quickest to gather attention. Rhino Red Prints website is one such project. Those facts combined, resulted in several drawings that we consider most wanted. We noticed plenty of attention and demand for those. Here they are:

Of course, as expected, the most interesting and wanted project is our vector drawing of MiG-29S 9-13 Fulcrum jet fighter. The reason for that is primarily Ghost of Kyiv legend. Emerged in February 2022, shortly after Russian invasion in Ukraine, that urban legend quickly became a must for modelers and historians alike. Allegedly, Ghost of Kyiv is a pilot who flew MiG-29S in combat, shooting down many Russian jets in very short time. Even though probably an urban legend, Ghost of Kyiv is the best possible morale booster that one can ask for. That of course, led to the vector drawings of Rhino Red Prints MiG-29S becoming the most popular project to date. People seem to love those.

Following closely is the F-4 Phantom. Even though plenty of drawings are available out there, one must know, that the Phantom is probably most recognizable fighter jet ever made, so it is self-explanatory why it is still in demand. The fact that Iran, Turkey, Greece, South Korea still uses them speaks a lot. This plane was always interesting and due to the many camouflage schemes available, drawings of it will always be wanted. With that said, we have to add that MiG-29S stated above is probably a “glitch in the matrix” as a result of the ongoing war. While the Phantom is something certain in terms of popularity.

Finally, at third place we have the mighty Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress. Even though in only one variant, it is an undisputable hit among Rhino Red Prints vector files. The fact that helps here is that our developed propeller plane line is still unlisted. We have plenty of legendary aircraft in vector files to be released. Also, Boeing B-17 by itself is another legend that always gathered attention. But as we all know things change and probably there will be quick re-arrangement in our top three here. Especially once our WWII fighter plane collection expands.

With the release of new products and especially with the changing environment around us, modern and popular drawings will prevail eventually. With that said, we have to add that it is all about the current trend. Because all of those mentioned above are loved and respected. All of them are popular to some extend. And being the most popular means that it was simply the right time for that specific vector drawing. Not that one is better than the other. With the release of our prepped drawings, we expect things to start to look differently. We will update you if change in this top 3 list actually happens.