Why Rhino Red Prints drawings are…

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Each Rhino Red Prints drawing is different. Why is that you might ask? Well, depending on what is the object, the information available might be different. Let’s take for example Messerschmitt Bf-109. This is arguably one of the most popular drawings of a WWII fighter aircraft ever. Many have produced plans or blueprints of it, including digital vector formats. In the same time few have succeeded to produce accurate representation. But the reason is that the information in some specific areas is scarce. That doesn’t mean the drawing itself is not good enough. It simply means different thing.

A drawing, or a vector file needs to be 100% precise only when you intend to use it for engineering purposes. Like building the real thing for example. Of course, such drawings are being sold constantly. It is enough to search the web and you’ll find plenty. But in reality, it is highly unlikely that many of us will build Bf-109 in 1:1 scale. That is why, there are plenty of acceptable drawings. And same is the reason why Rhino Red Prints vector files have different features.

Some have 2-sided, other 4-sided representations. Most are limited to the 3-view profiles.

Rhino Red Prints are made to help designers, decal makers or model producers with a schematic in digital format, upon which they can build their color profiles or decal application guidance. The drawings are not made to help you build the aircraft. They can be used in a book or a magazine, to show a simplified version of the real thing. Then, there is the issue with information. A drawing of F-35 or F-22 in accurate dimensions is practically non-existent thing for the regular Joe out there. That is information highly classified. And whatever you might hear contrary to that statement, have in mind the design of the original product is worth billions.

That is why most drawings out there are different. And to some extent, they are equally inaccurate. The reality is simple as that. They are close to the original, resemble it good enough for most purposes. However, not as a true blueprint should do. But you have to consider this: a blueprint pack for a 2nd generation jet fighter was enough to fill 20-30 or more cardboard boxes. Half of your garage space. There are general drawings, but there are drawings of the drawings. Zoomed in schematics, different systems’ drawings and so on and so forth. This is how it is in real life. Or how it was – pre-digitalization.

Digital format allows all this to be put in a file that is small enough to be kept on your phone. However, in the end that is something not used by the regular customer. Most of us out there simply do not need nor want that complexity. That is why – for simplicity – Rhino Red Prints are made in quarter scale. The most popular scale in modeling. They are good enough to build your camouflage scheme over, or to put in your instruction sheet. They will fit most magazine articles as well. But you won’t be able to reproduce the real thing out of them. They are all called drawings, vector files, schematics. But in the end they are all different.