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Rhino Red Prints was created from scratch with the idea to deliver various drawings in several formats. Thanx to the power of internet, nowadays is easy to get ahold of different information in various ways. Many ventures require drawings in the form of blueprints or similar options, that gives the basis for further development. For example, over basic blueprints, any historical aircraft book can place guidance list of items, specific for the plane. In other cases, companies that produce profile artwork can use vector drawings base, to paint over multiple camouflage schemes.

This is where Rhino Red Prints come. It is like a blue print, but in its modern variation. Since there is similarities, but also differences, we picked the name. It is the opposite of the blue print, but bears the same idea.

While with any professional blueprint one can work and build more serious endeavors, with Rhino Red Prints we offer only basic drawings that does not aim for absolute perfection nor accuracy. Our artwork is done with devotion, but to have original drawings of modern jets or non-existing tanks for example, is a goal beyond our reach. That is why, we do our best to do drawings as close as possible to the original. We do base them on various information sources and are doing our best to reach the best possible end result. However, with that said, those drawings are not professional, but are rather a helpful tool for books, modeling purposes, magazine articles, decal or camouflage makers.

Our best offer is that this artwork will save you time. Our products come in different file formats, most of them popular enough to suit the most needs. You will get them completed and you won’t have to waste time making them by yourself.

No matter what your end goal might be, we will be glad to be of any help when it comes down to 2-, 3- or 4-sided drawings of vintage or modern jets, props and armored vehicles. We will also do our best to provide you with more options – more planes, more tanks, more helicopters. Since we are just in the beginning, it will take time to develop our library. But we are constantly working on it.